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As an important guarantee for information security, the quantum communication industry has recently reported frequently. Yesterday, it was learned that the world's first quantum secret communication commercial trunk line - "Shanghai-Hangzhou trunk line" project will be completed and put into use in advance in September, one month ahead of schedule.

According to the news on July 19, "Shanghai-Hangzhou trunk line" is one of the applications of quantum communication technology. Zheng Yuhui, the contractor of Kyushu Quantum, said in an interview that the industrialization technology of China's quantum communication can be said to have been at the forefront of the world. In the future, with the further improvement of quantum communication technology and the diversification of applications, the scale of the billion-dollar market is worth looking forward to.

Quantum communication is a new type of communication technology that uses quantum coherent superposition and quantum entanglement to transmit information. Unlike classical communication, quantum communication can encode information into the polarization direction of a quantum superposition of a single photon. A single photon is a small component of light energy that cannot be subdivided. The quantum state cannot be accurately copied. Any eavesdropping behavior will cause it to be disturbed, which is perceived and circumvented by both parties.

In the field of quantum communication technology, the Chinese technology team has long been ahead. In 2009, a team composed of Pan Jianwei, Chen Zengbing, Peng Chengzhi and others from the University of Science and Technology of China launched a research on the practical application of quantum communication, and established the world's first freely expandable quantum quantum telephone network in Hefei.

In 2015, the international high-quality scientific journal Nature published the article "Multiple degrees of freedom of quantum teleportation of a single photon" by Pan Jianwei and Lu Chaoyang in the form of a cover title. This work broke the limitation that the international academic community can only transmit the single degree of freedom of elementary particles since 1997, and laid a solid foundation for the development of scalable quantum computing and quantum network technology.

Based on the research strength of Professor Chen Zengbing and the team of the Chinese University of Science and Technology, Kyushu Quantum truly masters the quantum core technology and is the first high-tech enterprise in China to integrate the industrial application of quantum application technology research and quantum communication network operation.

Zheng Yuhui said that after the completion of the "Shanghai-Hangzhou Main Line", the government, banks, enterprises and other enterprises along the line from Hangzhou to Shanghai have high requirements for data confidential transmission, and can obtain dedicated data services with strong security and high density. At present, Kyushu Quanju is engaged in negotiations on cooperation with more than 90 banks in Hangzhou.

In fact, before and after the "Shanghai-Hangzhou trunk line", there is more good news about China's quantum information industrialization. At the end of this year, the “Beijing-Shanghai trunk line”, which is based on the long-distance quantum security communication trunk line of the world, will also be built and accepted. The world's first "quantum science experimental satellite" independently researched and developed by Chinese scientists will be launched in the near future.

Zhao Yong, president of HKUST Guodun Quantum, believes that the pricing of quantum communication equipment in China can be accepted by the market on the basis of comprehensive consideration of development costs, market demand and customer demand. In the future, with the development of technology, miniaturization of equipment, diversification of applications, and application in the fields of finance, government affairs and even the Internet, quantum communication technology will gradually serve ordinary people.

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